Miami Beach Classic Rides is a company that offers rides, tours and rental service for use in events, photoshoot, films or any custom ride that people want to do.  We believes that everyone should get to enjoy classic cars. Why not to include us in your next party, event or function for that “wow” effect.

Classic cars make people happy because it’s like traveling in a time machine. We guarantee a great experience with our one of a kind vehicles.

Most of the cars have original engine and interior with the exception of the Corvette which has a full custom motor and transmission.

CALL US TO ARRANGE A RIDE – (305) 776-5559

Classic Car Rides
Ride a classic car


  • We can arrange pick up in your hotel, home or place of business.
  • You can use our car for tours, rides, reunions, parties, production or any other event.
  • Ride some of our cars, feel the experience.

Classic muscle cars rides, prop hire and photoshoot rental

Classic muscle cars for rent