You don’t have to own a classic car to enjoy one.


We offer tours with our cars to Miami Beach, Coconut Grove and Everglades. And other areas interested. If you want to do the shopping tour in a classic car, we can take you there.


Many of our cars have been used for many weddings. Our Lincoln Continental has been one of them. We can arrange a fleet of our cars for your wedding. Imagine having your wedding riding cars of the 60’s and 70’s.


An average taxi or Uber is very boring. Make a statement against being average. Use some of our cars as taxi. Feel the soul of our vintage cars.


Use our cars for birthday parties, class reunion or any other place you want to stand out. Riding a classic car with friends or family will take you to old times. Let us help you to life such experience.


Our cars have been featured in many films and TV productions like music videos, commercials. Many famous people has ridden our cars. If you want to give a vintage touch to your film, count on us.

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Ride a classic car in Miami